Key Features

Active Copper Maxx Technology

Unique combination of naturally occurring vital minerals like Ca, Mg, Cu and Zn with anti-microbial Carbon granules.

Biotron Technology™*

The Biotron technology unlocks minerals from your drinking water for faster absorption & more health benefits.

Patented Mineral Guard™+

Retains all essential natural minerals such as Calcium & Magnesium which provides perfect blend of safe and healthy water

UV e-boiling™

Unique UV e-boiling technology makes your water as safe and pure as water that has been boiled for 20+ minutes.

3 Customised
Installation Options

Install Forbes Classic+ on the cabinet door, flush with the walls or mount it on the wall to suit your style and space.

Intelligent Purity
Sensor (IPS)

The IPS system continuously scans water to give 100% healthy water, or no water at all.

Auto Shut-off

Automatically switches off the UV lamp of the purifier after 10 minutes, when not in use.

Health Protect Cartridge

Health Protect Electronic Authentication cartridges always ensure safe water or no water.

Technical Specifications


313 x 167 x 423

Net Weight

3.0 kg

Purification technology


Standard Filtration Supplied

Sediment filter, Chemi Block, Mineral Guard, Active copper Maxx Biotron, e-boiling

Purified Water Output**

2 liter/minute (max)

Input Water Temperature

10 degree to 40 degree

Input Water Turbidity


Input Water Iron

0.3 mg/ltr

Input Water Chlorine

0.2 mg/ltr

Input Water Pressure

0.3 kg/sq. cm (min.) - 2.0 kg/sq. cm (max.)

Flow Rate

2 Litres/minute(max) (Depends on input water pressure and filter conditions)

TDS Range

Upto 200 mg/ltr


Sediment Filter

Removes fine suspended particles such as dust, dirt, mud & sand from water.

Patented Mineral Guard™+ Technology

Retains essential natural minerals like Calcium & Magnesium in water.

Active Copper Maxx™ Technology

Infuses copper ions into the water.


Reduces excess chlorine & organic impurities in water while absorbing bad taste & odour.

UV e-boiling™

Ensures that each drop of water is as pure & healthy as water boiled for 20+ minutes.

Biotron™* Cartridge

Breaks complex water molecules for easy absorption of the goodness of water by the body, along with the much-needed nutrients.

*a) Independent Published Scientific Research, b) Agriculture Water Management 96(2009) 1229-1236, c) Current World Environment Vol.9(3), 1008-1016 (2014), d) Nutrition Research and Practice (Nutr Res Pract) 2013; 7(1): 34-42 I +Patent No. 281750
This water flow diagram is for representational purposes only, kindly refer the product user manual for actual water flow diagram.
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