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Access to pure and healthy water on the go!

Introducing Forbes On The Go, a personal purifier powered by Space Nano Technology, which has 100 crore+ optimally charged active sites that attract and remove 99.9% bacteria and viruses to give you pure & safe drinking water anytime, anywhere. This technology acts as a barrier to waterborne pathogens and also reduces chlorine and turbidity. Now, save money and be sure with pure and healthy water outdoors.

Space Nano Technolgy

  • A 100% chemical free purification process
  • Water passes through a maze of Nano sized positie charged media that traps negatively charged pathogens and other impurities
  • Attached images of purification media - magnified 75,000 times
0.2 μm (micron) = 5,000 times smaller than the tip of a Ballpoint Pen=1/300th thickness of Human Hair

Key Features

Chemical-free Cartridge

100% chemical-free cartridge which removes 99.9% bacteria & viruses.

Auto-shut Off Mechanism*

Indicates change of cartridge by reducing flow of water to miniral levels.

Cartridge Life

600 refills of cartridge life that lasts over a year.

Storage Capacity

Comes with storage capacity of 750ml.

4 Colour Options

Available in white, black, blue and pink.

BPA Free

No Bisphenol A, non-toxic plastic bottle with anti-microbial properties.

Transparent Water Level Indicator

Soft squeeze bottle for high flow with a see-through water level indicator and dust cap.

*Signals the change of cartridge by gradually reducing flow of water.
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