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Frequently Asked Questions

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Consumers are often tempted to choose a vacuum cleaner based on the highest amperage, watts or horsepower, but these measurements are not accurate indicators of efficiency. They are simply numbers that measure the electrical current used by the vacuums' motor. What you should be looking for instead is the vacuum cleaners' airflow, suction and water lift. They are better indicators of performance.

Yes, this is possible. From your sofa to the bed you sleep on there are dust mites hiding in every corner of your home that you probably wouldn’t have even guessed. They are known to trigger allergies like asthma, rhinitis and eczema. To protect your family, you need to invest in a robust cleaning system. One that not only tackles the visible dust, but also the invisible dust mites.

The thermal cut off is at 88 degree  +- 3 degree where the unit trips and restarts at 75 degree  + -.

There are different types of dust bag - paper bag, cloth bag and bag less dust bag.

Only Wet & Dry X2 can be used for mopping, no other Vacuum Cleaners have the mechanism to support wet suction.


HEPA filters help in trapping dust particles of the size 10 microns and less.

Water column is the measure used for the suction of vacuum cleaner.

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